Author Guidelines

  1. The title should be short, informative, showing the main points of the manuscript (5-10) words and it is written in capital letters Times New Roman 14 pt.
  2. The names of the authors are written in Times New Roman 12 pt , while the author's institution and the email of the first author (correspondent author) are written in Times New Roman 11 pt.
  3. Abstract written in English using Times New Roman 12 pt. Abstract up to 200 words in italics with Times New Roman 11 pt. The abstract must be clear, descriptive and must provide a brief description of the problem under study. The abstract includes the reasons for selecting the topic or the importance of the research topic, research methods and a summary of the results. It should end with a comment about the results or a brief conclusion. After the abstract, write keywords (Keywords), a minimum of 4 keywords separated by a comma (,).
  4. The material in the paper includes Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and Suggestions, and Bibliography.
  5. Manuscript chapters (abstract, introduction, methodology, results and discussion and bibliography) are written in Times New Roman 12 pt and bold, left aligned.
  6. The contents of the manuscript text are written in Times New Roman 12 pt and single spacing.
  7. Tables are written using the table system in MS Word. Table titles are written in Times New Roman 12 pt and centered above the table. The lines in the table are only filled with horizontal lines at the table title and the end of the table.
  8. The title of the image is placed after the image and centered in Times New Roman 12 pt. Images are inserted in text with *.jpg format and centered. Images must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  9. The equation is written in MS Word with center alignment followed by the equation number right aligned using the Math Type Equation function, in the form of numbers enclosed by open and closing brackets.
  10. Writing citations and bibliography using the Harvard style. Writing a bibliography using Times New Roman 12 pt with a space after (after) is 6 pt.
  11. It is not allowed to include pictures/attributes/symbols from institutions or universities in manuscripts.
  12. Manuscripts must be no more than 14 pages.